12V Mobile Refrigerated Containers

• Internal gross capacity 32 cubic feet (242 gallons)
• Single piece design is sturdy, durable and lightweight, with no junctions or cold bridges. Made of food
grade polyethylene (PE), UV stabilized. Ultra-thick insulation made by PU foam. Designed for an easy
cleaning and disinfection
• Direct current cooling units designed for years of use on board of vehicles, providing low energy
consumption and resistance to vibrations. Ambient temperature range from -4°F up to +120°F (with
reduced specifi cations)
• Refrigeration system includes BD series 12V compressors, large surface roll-bond evaporators, ventilated
high effi ciency spiral tube condensers, electronic thermostat with digital display, battery protection
• Versions with automatic cooling / heating operation are available for the safe transport of sensitive
products (i.e. pharmaceuticals, vaccines, blood). They maintain consistent temperature with a smooth air
fl ow distribution, regardless of outside ambient temperature in alignment with GDP
• AC/DC power supplies (input voltage 100-240Vac 50-60 Hz) available as accessories


NDN for the transport of refrigerated products, FDN for the transport of frozen products, NDH and FDH with cooling/heating system for the safe transport of pharmaceuticals or biological products in every ambient condition.

Available versions:

NDN 816012/0 32.35 242 00 down to 32F $6,787.00
NDH 816012/2 32.35 242 00 from 86F to 32F $7,612.00
FDN 816012/1 32.35 242 00 down to -6F $7,766.00
FDH 816012/3 32.35 242 00 from 86F to -6F $9,053.00




Refrigerated Cargo Van Box

915 Medium 32 ft³

Data Sheet

FDN Dimensions Sheet
FDH Dimensions Sheet

This refrigerated cargo van box holds 32 ft³ and fit the Dodge, Chevy and Ford cargo van as well as the Mercedes Benz sprinter vans. With minor modifications to the van door frame it will also fit the small vans such as the Nissan NV200 and Ford Transit Connect. It runs on 12 volt 20 - 32 Amp service from the battery. 115v option is available. The 720 AuO has a battery bult-in that will help maintain the temperature for 8 to 10 hours.