Bulkhead for Trailer Bulkhead for Trailer Side Door

Bulkhead for Trailer for Sale

This insulated bulkhead for a trailer is movable and easily installed in minutes. Quickly make a combo freezer cooler trailer with this bulkhead.

Bulkhead Installation

Bulkhead installation is easy and quick. Simply load and place the bulkhead in the trailer where desired then lock it into position on the E-track with the straps.  Making proper electrical connections to run the fan can be done in less than 15 minutes when the installer is prepared.

Bulkhead Insulation

This bulkhead comes with two inches of insulation and a fan with return air portal to circulate the needed cooler air from the freezer into the refrigerated section. The black is heavy duty protection to protect the insulation.

Bulkhead Price

This bulkhead is available with our standard price only with new trailer sales. Replacement bulkheads are only offered at substantially higher cost and with delivery fees.