16' Small Refrigerated Trailer Small Refrigerated Trailers

New (Not Used) Small Refrigerated Trailer Availablity

4th of July just around the corner!!!

While I can still order a trailer specifically for you, I have started to order the most common trailers to have them available immediately.

Delivery is different. Driver shortage and now gas prices are problematic. Deliveries needs to be arranged and can take a couple of weeks to a month. You can pick yours up or arrange it. We are pricing deliveries to encourage you picking it up.

As of 6/27/2022 we have:

Brand Quantity Size Available Status
Kingtec 3 7x16 Now Available Now
Kingtec 5 7x12 Now Available Now
American 2 5x8 Now Available Now
American 1 6x10 Now Available Now
Polar Temp


  5-6 Months Order Now

Summers here! The trucks are rolling in.

Trailer Deliveries

Trailer Deliveries
More Coming