16' Small Refrigerated Trailer
New - This bulkhead makes it a combo Freezer/Refrigerator
Bulkhead for Small Refrigerated Trailer Small Refrigerated Trailers

New (Not Used) Small Refrigerated Trailer Availablity

Kingtec trailers available in Atlanta GA and
Rancho Cucamonga CA.

While I can still order a trailer specifically for you, I have started to order the most common trailers to have them available immediately.

Fast delivery nationwide or you can pick yours up or arrange it.

As of 12/2/2022 we have:

Brand Quantity Size Available Status
Kingtec 3 5x10 Now Available Now
Kingtec 2 7x16 Now Available Now
Kingtec 6 7x12 Now Available Now
American 2 5x8 Now Available Now
American 1 6x10 Now Available Now
American 1 6x12 Now Available Now
Polar Temp


  5-6 Months Order Now

Trailer Deliveries

Trailer Deliveries
More Coming