Polar King Refrigerated Trailers

Polar King Mobile Small Refrigerated Trailers

For great deals on Polar King Mobile Small Refrigerated Trailers built to last years call us at (770) 637-1038. Polar King Mobile offers freezer/cooler trailers that are constructed with a seamless fiberglass design and are available in three standard models, 6’x8’, 6’x12’, and 6’x16’. Each trailer features 54-inch reinforced doors, four-inch walls, and a pallet duty floor. The actual refrigeration of the trailer is achieved using a GOVI arktik 2000US series refrigeration unit that provide a temperature range of 0°F to 50°F, are all-electric, and require only 110V and 15 amps.

About Polar King

Polar King is the industry’s #1 manufacturer of seamless fiberglass outdoor walk-in coolers and commercial walk-in freezers, Polar King units are designed to endure even the most rugged conditions and climates. That is very important where salt is used on roads in the winter.  All Polar King commercial walk-in coolers, freezers and refrigerated trailers are delivered fully assembled and require only a simple electrical connection to put them into operation. With a 100% seamless fiberglass design, Polar King offers the industry’s only one-piece, outdoor unit. To learn more about the fiberglass advantage or for more information, call (770) 637-1038.

About Polar King Mobile

In North America, there has not been a professional, dedicated, and focused manufacturing company of small refrigerated cargo trailers. Polar King Mobile has changed all that with its line of mobile refrigeration solutions.

Benefits of a Seamless Fiberglass Design

Polar King Mobile trailers are designed and engineered specifically for outdoor use. The patented process for constructing the one-piece structure Polar King walk-in refrigerated trailers incorporates urethane insulation completely encased in fiberglass, both inside and out. There are no seams and the structure remains completely intact so air and moisture will not deteriorate the insulation.

Nothing like this historically has been available in North America - this is an exceptional mobile refrigerated solution from a world class manufacturing company. Polar King International (Polar King Mobile’s parent company) has four decades of walk-In cooler & freezer technology applied in these refrigerated trailers.

Trusted Refrigeration Solutions

Validation testing shows that all three standard trailers hold 0°F (-18°C) in 95°F ambient temperature. This unmatched performance, powered by German made GOVI arktik 2000US refrigeration units, runs on 110 Volts, 60Hz and requires only 15 amps. It can be plugged in anywhere.

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