CoolBot Trailer 5x8Coolbot-Trailer-Rear-5x8

Coolbot Trailer

This CoolBot trailer from American is 5'W x 8'L x 5.5"H and a great place to start at just $8,995. It runs on standard household power 110 volt 15 amp circuits and will keep product cool, to the thirties, but will not freeze.  It's American made, food grade interior is deal for bread, flowers, vegetables and other products that cannot handle the summer heat.

It's great for weekly trips to farmers market or roadside stands and even yearly hunting trips but is not built for heavy duty high usage over the road. The 3,500lb axle is the base to hold up to a 2,000 payload.  The rear door at 49” will allow you to load a pallet.  This lightweight trailer can be pulled by small trucks and many cars.  Check with your manufacture as to its towing capacity. 

The E track system on the side walls makes it ideal for adapting to shelving units or tie down.  A generator plate and wind deflector is available if you’re going on longer trips but regular long trips aren’t recommended.  This is a light weight trailer.

Little cuties’ big brother is s 6’x10’x6’ is just $10,500. 

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