Small Refrigerated Trailers

Emergency Refrigeration

As emergency refrigeration planning becomes more critical, a single or group of restaurants can own a small refrigerated trailer and be prepared.  They have become the best solution for many restaurants in emergencies and normal times. Just call us at (678) 929-5359
Prior planning can ensure your restaurant is totally prepared for the eventual need.  While they are available in many different sizes, restaurants prefer the 12’ small refrigerated trailer because it:

  • Costs less than a refrigerated van or truck.
  • Fits in a parking spot.
  • Can be powered by 115-volt electrical service or optional generator.
  • 0 to 50 degrees.
  • Towed by a pickup truck from a common location.
  • Does not need a commercial driver’s license (cdl).
  • Step bumper for easy access.
  • Easily load pallets with wide doors.
  • Much more…
  • Again just call us at (678) 929-5359

When not in use it can be excellent advertising or auxiliary storage as well as:

  • Additional Storage for Peak Seasons
  • Emergency Refrigeration
  • Temporary use for Remodels & New Construction
  • Testing Expanded Menus
  • Catering and Private Events
  • Bulk Food Purchases & Overstock