MoveItCold Trailers


MoveItCold 10' MoveItCold 12' MoveItCold 16' Leer 10' Polar King 8' Polar King 12' Polar King 16' Polar Temp 10' Polar Temp 12' Polar Temp 16'
Standard Features
Step Bumper x x x Opt Opt Opt Opt Opt Opt
Generator Plate x x x Opt Opt Opt Opt Opt Opt
Strip Curtains x x x Opt Opt Opt
Interior Light x x x x x x x x x x
E-Track x x x
NSF “Food Grade” Floor x x x x x x
Wide “Pallet” Door x x x x x x x x x x
Floor Drain x x x
Side Door x x x
Ramp x x x x x
Aluminum Floor x x x Std Std Std


MoveItCold Trailer

The MoveItCold trailer is one of the leading small refrigerated trailers in the United States. They come in three sizes: 10-foot 12-foot and 16-foot.  The 10 foot is most popular with businesses that need to deliver. The 12 foot is most popular with restaurants and those that need more space. And the 16 foot is for those that have extra room and need even more space.
Standard features are one of the primary reasons businesses select the MoveItCold refrigerated trailer. All trailers come with a step bumper, barrier curtains, eTrac, a NSF food grade floor with a drain and a generator plate. There are many more features as well as special options to customize your trailer. 
Quality is another reason businesses select MoveItCold.  From the ground up these trailers have years of proven performance. All trailers come with oversized dual axles, a tubular frame, 4 inches polyurethane insulation, stainless steel framed doors and a refrigeration unit with a scroll compressor.